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Individual treatments

Herbal stamp ceremony

This massage helps you to achieve inner and outer healing as well as strength, vitality and new energy. Fist-sized stamps with 100% natural herbal filling are heated to approx. 50 ° C and then the body is stamped and massaged with them. This application acts simultaneously and holistically on the immune system and stimulates the body's self-healing powers. The body begins to relax, detoxify, purify, deacidify and renew cells.

Full body massage including facial massage
100 min.   98, - €

Enjoy this wellness treatment and choose between tropical fruit or active herb stamps.



Orange full body relaxation

The treatments with our new natural cosmetics made from coconut butter, shea butter, jojoba oil and pure essential orange not only have a smoothing effect, but also tighten, regenerate and stimulate. They are also very important for influencing our wellbeing. By inhaling the essential oils, our happiness hormones are released!

Full body massage with face
70 min.   69, - €

Back, shoulder and legs massage
35 min.   38, - €



Hot stone

Let us pamper you with warm basalt stones and relaxing essential oils. This deep relaxation massage was already used by the ancient Indian peoples of America as an effective healing method.

Hot stone full body treatment
70 min.  69, - €

Back or back-legs treatment
35 min.  38, - €


Classic massages

We use fragrant, warmed oils for our massages. An individual rest period is added to the duration of the massage.

Revitalizing full-body aromatic oil massage
60 min.   64, - €

Revitalizing back massage with head or legs
30 min.  34, - €

Magic back
Thermal wrap, peeling, cleaning, mask, care
40 min.  € 46

Foot massage with aromatic foot bath
30 min.   36, - €



Orange and fruit cocktail
for your face, neck and décolleté. Cleansing, tonic, relaxing orange peeling, orange vitamin shake (anti-wrinkle serum), relaxing massage with orange coconut butter followed by an orange refreshment mask and, as a final treatment, a rich, smoothing, firming and strongly moisturizing orange mousse with green tea.

70 min.   74, - €


Anti-stress facial

For stressed, tired skin! Gives the skin new energy and strength. Decelerates body, mind and soul.

Cleansing, peeling or enzyme peeling, active ingredient ampoule, ultrasonic active ingredient treatment, massage, final care (includes a long anti-stress massage for face, neck, décolleté, neck, shoulder area).

90 min.   € 86


Men's Relax Facial Treatment

This treatment gives the man new energy and soothing relaxation. Vitalizes stressed male skin, clarifies and cleanses thoroughly.
Relaxes the muscles and ensures a fresh, dynamic appearance.

60 min.  64, - €
80 min.  79, - €  (include a long relax massage and possibly eyebrow, ear and nose hair correction)


Rotkäppchen Classic pampering treatment

Cleansing, enzyme peeling or peeling, pampering massage of the face, neck, décolleté, moisturizing mask and final care.

60 min.  64, - €


Snow Queen - relaxation and cleansing treatment

Cleansing, peeling, preparation, deep cleansing, ampoule, ultrasound massage with active ingredients, massage of face, neck, décolleté and neck, eye pack, mask and final care.

100 min.  98, - €


Chocolate experience in white

Wonderfully caring, moisturizing, fragrant relaxing chocolate pleasure, in which the happiness hormones are released and deep relaxation sets in. Enjoy the best of the cocoa bean. The cocoa butter is enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter.

Full body treatment with facial massage
70 min.   69, - €

Back - shoulders - legs
35 min.   38, - €

Additional treatments

Only possible during a facial treatment!

  • Dye eyelashes, € 10

  • Dyeing brows, 8, - €

  • Shaping brows, from € 6



Hand peeling, shaping of the nails, polish and a wonderful hand massage

40 min.  36, - €



Foot whirlpool bath, shaping of the nails, removal of calluses, if necessary removal of pressure points or calluses, followed by a foot massage.

45 min.  38, - €


Kids special

A nice break for the parents - a great experience for the kids.
Our application, specially designed for children, takes around 15 minutes each.

  • Crawling beetle massage, € 15

  • Pizza massage, € 15

  • Manicure with varnish, € 15

  • Foot bath with foot massage, € 15


Far Eastern treatments

  • Mukabhyanga - facial treatment
    Cleansing, tonic, silk glove peeling, active ingredient ampoule, Ayurvedic massage, mask, final care
    60 min.   72, - €

  • Abhayanga with Garshan
    Full-body aromatic oil massage with silk glove massage
    90 min.   89, - €

  • Shiro Mukabhyanga
    Head-shoulder-neck-back massage
    40 min.   45, - €

  • Padabhyanga
    Foot massage with foot bath
    40 min.   45, - €

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